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Prototypes – Development and Prototyping

We support and advise you competently in the planning and production of your prototype. We offer you both a pure development service (e.g., up to the provision of the prototype) and a complete service (e.g., from development to series production).

Detailed advice including feasibility study

A consultation with drawings and notes for the production of a prototype.

In our detailed consultations, we first clarify all your wishes and requirements and contribute our expertise. For new developments, a specification sheet forms the basis for further development activities.

Subsequently, we check your requirements for feasibility within the context of a feasibility study. Here, for instance, the following aspects are considered:

  • Different solution approaches
  • Prospects of success
  • Possible risks
  • Technical possibilities
  • Economic efficiency

Systematic and methodical implementation allows the identification of risks, the avoidance of bad investments and the finding of optimal solutions.

Development, production and testing of the prototype

Prototype assembly and functional test

As soon as you place the development order with us, the detailed implementation begins. Our mechanical and electrical engineers use CAD tools to create detailed design and production plans (also in 3D). Upon request, you can receive these in any common drawing format.

In the course of the development work, we create or source all the necessary components to produce at least one prototype.

In a next stage, the prototype then undergoes all necessary functional and parameter tests, which are individually adapted to your requirements. We are also happy to involve you in this process and test your prototype together with you.

If you wish, we are also happy to assist you with serial or small batch production, once the prototype has been created.

Network Association

Several people who put their hands over each other and form a network.

We have an extensive network of competent partner companies. This allows us to offer you an expert solution for each of your enquiries. In addition, we can quickly and reliably obtain the components you need or have them produced via our network.

In doing so, all commonly-used technologies are covered:      

  • Mechanical CNC machining (e.g., milling)
  • Welding and bonding technology
  • Injection molding
  • Die casting
  • Prototyping processes
  • Printed circuit board assembly
  • Surface finishing
  • Film bonding technology
  • (Approval) tests

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