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Functional Test and Parameter Test

Only precisely-performed functional and parameter tests guarantee high product quality and safety. To ensure the full functionality of your products, we carry out numerous customized and product-related tests.

Performing the Tests

Engineers during functional testing

After completion of your products, we perform a comprehensive and specially-tailored function and parameter test on each of your systems or devices. These tests do not only guarantee a fault-free manufacturing process; they also ensure the correct function of all installed subcomponents.

Generally speaking, all tests are performed at our premises, but special solutions are also possible if required. We carry out all tests under the required environmental conditions to ensure functionality under real operating conditions.

In addition to testing the functionality, all (special) product requirements are also tested. If individual components are no longer reachable during a final test, the necessary tests are already performed during the manufacturing process.

All test steps are carried out according to a specially-defined test concept. If we are developing a product for you, the test plan is already drawn up during the conceptual design stage. In doing so, we rely on close coordination with our customers. If a test plan is already available, we implement it in line with your instructions and are happy to advise you if we consider additional test steps to be necessary.

If required, we also develop and build specially-designed test equipment.

Our Testing Technology and Testing Procedures

Collection of equipment for functional tests.

Good quality and product safety are important aspects of our service. That's why we do not only assume responsibility for reliable testing; we also support you beyond that, until your product is CE-compliant.

We carry out the following tests on devices and components in our company:

  • Inspection during production
  • Verification of the specified values
  • Verification of safety regulations


  • Pressure test
  • Leak test
  • Flow test
  • Force measurement


  • Voltage test
  • Current measurement
  • Resistance measurement


  • Customized torque measurements
  • Special testing with test equipment designed and manufactured specifically for a particular device
  • Automation of test sequences
  • Optical testing

Your Benefits at PELTEKO

Quality and functionality

Rely on our all-round service and trust in the high quality standards we pursue for you. With us, you can be sure that no product leaves our premises without prior final testing.

With our detailed functional tests, you benefit from the following advantages:

  • Ensured functionality of the products
  • Guaranteed compliance with the specified values
  • Assurance of electrical and mechanical properties
  • Determination of test criteria in close coordination with our customers
  • Assurance of product quality
  • Generation and provision of test protocols
  • Guarantee of traceability

Do you have questions regarding the functional tests? Our experts are happy to answer them!